Put the OSHIIT Back Into Your Workouts
Put the OSHIITTM Back
Into Your Workouts

 Optimal SuperMax High Intensity Interval Training*


We Build Muscle the Old Fashioned Way - With Sweat and Steel - OSHIIT

What is OSHIIT Fitness?

The best way to
look fit, is to

OSHIIT Fitness is based on the concept of "If you want to look fit, it helps to be fit."

Most people who go to a gym do so because they want to look fit. However, they never do any exercises that have any hope of ever making them fit. They typically do slow cardio on an elliptical or treadmill. Slow "fat-burning zone" cardio is basically a waste of time. It won't get you fit, and it won't burn enough calories to have any real impact on your weight. Weight lifting is actually better at getting you fit and burning off fat. However, the weight workouts most people do are geared towards making them bigger and stronger, not fitter. So getting fit, the most important part of the equation is simply left out! Getting fit is especially important for women, who generally want a lean tone FIT-LOOKING body, not bulk.

Well, I Did It Again!
I've Now Won
Three out of Three

I still don't consider myself a bodybuilder, but a fitness trainee. However, as I've said before, if you are fit and fairly strong, you will look somewhat like a bodybuilder, so I do okay in bodybuilding contests. …

jeff, 53-Year-Old
Drug-Free Fitness Trainer


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How to Bathe Your Cat and
Create 6-Pack Abs


Do They Really Work?

Help! I'm a Hard Gainer

This is the oldest excuse in the book for why someone is getting poor results (Hey, I've even used it myself), but rarely the true reason for their poor results. The reality is most people are hard gainers. In fact, very few people are easy gainers.

doctorAs with any nutrition or exercise program, always review them with your doctor to ensure that they don't interact with or are contraindicated by any medications or medical issues you may have. If you haven't trained for a while, start out slow and go easy. If you are pregnant, have diabetes, blood sugar problems, or any heart issues, you shouldn't do this program as it is very strenuous.
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