Put the OSHIIT Back Into Your Workouts
Put the OSHIITTM Back
Into Your Workouts

 Optimal SuperMax High Intensity Interval Training*


We Build Muscle the Old Fashioned Way - With Sweat and Steel - OSHIIT

OSHIIT Body Morph Programâ„¢

Is it time to get lean and ripped?

This program is designed to transform your body as fast as possible, using the least amount of workout time possible. The workouts are from 30 minutes to an hour a day (the advanced phases are longer). Why so short? Because to get rapid results, you must have intensity in your workouts. If you are able to do more than about an hour, then quite frankly, your intensity is too low to get rapid results. Many people claim that this is too short and they want more - Until they try OSHIIT workouts.

Each phase is designed to prepare you for the next phase.

Phase 1 - Get Fit

Time to get my ass off the sofa. This is for those just beginning a fitness program. It focuses on nutrition, basic fitness, strengthening the joints, and preparing the body for Phase 2.
One of the most important things someone can get from Phase 1 is an understanding of why most fitness programs are doomed to fail and why OSHIIT is different.

Phase 2 - Build a Muscle Base

One of the biggest mistakes budding bodybuilders make is to begin bodybuilding sculpting, peaking, and shaping exercises BEFORE they have anything to sculpt, peak, or shape. Phase 2 is intended to develop a solid muscle foundation so that you have something to work with. Trying to "sculpt" your chest muscles when you can only bench 120 pounds is futile.

Phase 3 - Get Ripped

It's time to get lean and ripped

The Body Morph Phase 3 is intended for those who have been weight training for at least 6 months and are ready to get lean and ripped. It is an intense rapid-results program that is not for the lazy. This is NOT a "workout four minutes a day" and take a magic pill program. It is grueling and intense. That's why it's only 30 days long. It is designed to not only push your body to its limits, but also push your results to the limit. It is for those who want to get lean and ripped for a contest, or just ready for the beach. Expect to lose 10 or more pounds of fat and gain a few pounds of muscle.

Phase 4 - Size and Symmetry

It's time to bring your weak areas up to speed with the rest of your body to give it a balanced look while adding overall muscle mass.

doctorAs with any nutrition or exercise program, always review them with your doctor to ensure that they don't interact with or are contraindicated by any medications or medical issues you may have. If you haven't trained for a while, start out slow and go easy. If you are pregnant, have diabetes, blood sugar problems, or any heart issues, you shouldn't do this program as it is very strenuous.
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