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Put the OSHIITTM Back
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Worthless Exercises Are the Key to
asting INcome Growth TM

W.E.A.K.L.IN.G. workouts are the way to financial success as a trainer

One would think the best way to success as a personal trainer is to get results for your clients. WRONG! The best way to make money as a personal trainer is to have a lot of clients.  And the best way to have a lot of clients is to make the training look like a workout without actually having the client work hard.  People like the idea of going to the gym, they dream of getting fit, gaining muscle, and getting tone, but they're not so keen on actually putting in the effort it takes to get the results they want. So trainers have clients do a lot twisting and turning, twiddling, ball tossing, doing hundreds of reps with weights too light to ever develop any muscle or tone. They try every new gimmick or exercise trend that comes along. It all looks very official and has the appearance of working out; However, most of it is useless. I call these WEAKLING (Worthless Exercises Are the Key to Lasting INcome Growth) workouts. It's a biological fact that the body doesn't grow muscle or improve cardiovascular fitness unless you push it to near its current capacity. And the intensity of WEAKLING workouts is far too low to ever cause the body to generate a physiological change.

I can't begin to tell you how many personal trainers have their clients performing WEAKLING workouts. You can't blame them though. Experienced personal trainers know that WEAKLING workouts are the easy way to financial success as a personal trainer. And trainers know from experience that if they start putting their clients through ACTUAL workouts that are effective, many of their clients will simply either drop out or switch to other trainers who do subscribe to the WEAKLING principle.

So you see clients doing lifts with ridiculously light weights, or using machines almost exclusively, ignoring the major lifts such as deadlifts and squats, etc. The cardio they do is usually no more effective than taking a walk around the mall. Actually, most people would get a better workout pushing a vacuum cleaner around their house then they will from what they do at the gym. Of course these people generally get very poor results, but that rarely seems to bother them.

You can't starve yourself fit

If the client does get any results, it's generally due to dieting, not from the exercise. And while you can starve yourself skinny, you can't starve yourself fit! True fitness is a combination of proper diet and proper exercise.

If you can read a book while doing cardio, you are wasting your time - Unless it's a good book
Now everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are really out of shape, then yes, easy workouts are the way to get the ball rolling. But use them as a springboard with the goal of moving up to harder workouts. The reality is, if you are basically healthy, reasonably fit, and reading a book while doing cardio, then you are wasting your time - Unless you are enjoying the book.  Your workouts lack the intensity to either get you fit or burn any significant amount of fat.

The other extreme is overtraining. When I talk about an effective workout, I'm not referring to the kind of workouts you see in movies and TV shows where some drill instructor is standing over someone screaming, "give me one more!" Those kind of workouts, while very dramatic and make good movie scenes, only lead to overtraining and injury. And while the workouts in my advanced programs are grueling (those are only for advanced trainees who are looking for very rapid results or preparing for contests), a workout doesn't have to be grueling and painful to be effective, but it should make you work hard and breath hard. My clients work out with intensity. It's the intensity that makes our workouts effective. The goal is to work at a level that's intense enough to trigger a physiological response in your body without over stressing it. I've had clients tell me that they hurt less from my workouts than compared to what they used to do, yet they make faster progress with my workouts. Your workouts have to have intensity, but they also must not damage the body and they must allow for adequate recovery between workouts. And remember, as hard as you work out, you must rest hard also.

It's actually quite shocking how many successful personal trainers aren't in shape their self. Now granted, just because someone can get their self in shape doesn't automatically mean they will be a good personal trainer. However, if they can't figure out how to get their own self in shape, why would you think they could ever figure out how to get you in shape? Hmmm…

TRUE STORY: I once observed three men working out together with a personal trainer. They were all in their mid 30's with beer bellies and skinny arms and legs - including the trainer! And of course they were doing completely worthless exercises. I asked them how they liked their trainer. "We love him," they responded. Since they clearly looked like beginners, I asked how long they had been working with their trainer. They had been working with their trainer for three years! Three years, and yet not a one of them had any kind of muscle tone or appearance of fitness. But to be fair, if their trainer had actually tried to make them do an effective workout, they probably would have quit him years ago. So their trainer and WEAKLING workouts were the correct combination for all involved. CHA-CHING!

TRUE STORY II: A girl who had been working with personal trainers for over two years told me that she had hit a plateau and was going to try to break it by doing extra workouts. I explained that people generally do better at plateau busting by increasing the QUALITY, not the quantity of their workouts. Simply repeating the same workout that got them stuck where they are over and over is not likely to improve things. (Reread that sentence and think about it for a minute). People improve by doing better workouts, not by doing more of the same. I showed her one of my basic full-body cardio workouts. She lasted less than 5 minutes before she was too exhausted to continue. This is a workout that I expect even my weakest female clients to be able to do 15 minutes of after ONLY 2 MONTHS of training. She had over TWO YEARS of working with personal trainers and couldn't last 5 minutes on a workout that she should have been able to do 15 minutes of after only 2 months of training. Her problem wasn't that she hit a plateau. Her problem was she spent two years twirling around on balance balls and walking on treadmills and had NEVER DONE ANYTHING THAT WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE HER FIT. And if you aren't fit, how are you going to look fit?

Don't be a WEAKLING

Make your workouts effective and make them work for you.
Real Exercise Shows Up as Lean Tone Shape TM(RESULTS)

Another True Story The other day I overheard a gym patron complaining to the management that the guy next to him on a cardio machine was sweating too much! The irony was the guy complaining was your typical middle-aged overweight male. His idea of cardio was walking on a treadmill while reading a book. He was clearly utilizing the WEAKLING principle. The sweating guy was about 10 years older and very fit. I guess that's a common problem for gyms. People actually trying to get fit are annoying to WEAKLINGs.
doctorAs with any nutrition or exercise program, always review them with your doctor to ensure that they don't interact with or are contraindicated by any medications or medical issues you may have. If you haven't trained for a while, start out slow and go easy. If you are pregnant, have diabetes, blood sugar problems, or any heart issues, you shouldn't do this program as it is very strenuous.
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